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Our story


We are Zoë and Mattias, brother and sister and the 3rd. generation from our family-business ‘De Gouden Ram’.

Our store is situated and established in the heart of the old city center of Antwerp in Belgium since 1962.

Here’s how it all started ...

As a little girl, our grandmother took a seashell and listened to the whispering of the sea ...

That’s when she became passionate about seashells and started to collect them. As the years past by, her seashell - collection became so big that one day she decided to start selling them, one by one.
This decision soon became a great success and she than decided to open a seashell shop with her husband, our grandfather.

(founder Sir Jozef In het Panhuis 1920 - 2003)

After many years of buying and selling seashells, all kinds of restrictions started to raise because of environmental awareness reasons, wich we fully supported and respected. 

Our passion for all the beauty of nature was soo big that we began to look for other treasures of nature and than we discovered the fascinating world of  ‘Gemstones’.

Soon after we started to travel around the world looking for all possible gemstones and to get to know their beautiful colours and origins. 

Here below you can enjoy our Japanese interior wich is authentique from the 19th. century.
In that time, it used to be a Japanese tea and coffee house.

Years passed by and when we became older, our parents took us with them on their business trips. 

That’s when we first learned to distinguish a good quality from the best possible quality.

Today we still handpick every piece ourselves to offer you the most beautiful from what nature has to offer.

“This is our mission and what we love to do most”.

We are happy to share our passion and love for stones with you. 
Our filosophy is to raise consciousness and respect for our beautiful blue planet in the most possible ‘sustainable’ way.

Zoë & Mattias